Sunday Youth Group

Discipleship Group 12:45-3:00 PM

A Bible study and faith in action group for Jr and Sr High youth. This group is intended for those who are ready to get serious about their faith and really explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus our Lord.

The group gathers for lunch at 12:45 PM and begins their study/discussion time at 1:30 PM. Youth are welcome to come and go as needed.

Wednesday Youth Activities

Youth group starts at 4:30 PM and is over by 7:30 PM.

Wednesday night youth group is for students from 7th – 12th grade. At this group we gather at 4:30 for a meal together, transition at 5 to talk about issues of faith and life, and wrap up the evening with some play time at 7. We finish up around 7:30 PM. Youth may come and go as their schedule dictates.

Annual Events

Youth participate in annual activities, including trips to Tall Timber Camp, the Unite Winter Retreat, and mission trip to Neah Bay.

Confirmation Class

One of the greatest privileges we have as pastors is to help young people explore what it means to live as a Christian and to serve Jesus Christ through the church.  One significant avenue for exploring a personal decision to live a life of faith is through confirmation class.  Through weekly study and the disciplines of daily devotional time and mission projects, young people are oriented to Christian theology, doctrine, and church membership.  This period of preparation gives youth an opportunity to discern if they are ready to make a public confession of faith and be received into the membership of the church.

Contact our Director of Youth and Children's Ministries

Curtis White, Director of Youth and Children's Ministries can be reached at 360-568-6498 or